Passage (23.8MB) (9.4MB)
After the show the guests moved on to the Passage through a long hallway. On it’s end we exposed a large slide-projection. Arranged with fading-technique you see a flower opening it’s blossom and a butterfly flying out. The whole animation was set to loops of 45s – as long as it took everyone to go down the hallway and reach the main hall.
Here a huge space opened up (2000 sqm, looking like a four-leafed clover in sectional view) with a bar in the middle. Entering that space two big objects immediately jumped into sight: we specially designed 2 screens with bended vertical flanks, 5m x 7m, to get a more 3-dimensional sense to the object other than having just a hard-edged flat screen hanged into space. Casting a videobeam on each revealed a concrete sculptural behaviour. The one in the first leaf was hanging high, the other in the second leaf was standing on the floor. Graphical video-animations were shown here from abstract to illustrative. Additional lightspots were defining the rest of the space such as plants tinted in light with automatic colour-fading for example.
Turning into the bar several huge slide projections are decorating 2 upper parts of the architecture and a curtain of gauze. Swinging forms give a sparkling, magnificent touch. They also bring back the form-canon of the foyer.
Passing on to the next leaf-space we directly approach the second videoprojection. From there back to the Bar we see again the flower-animation projected onto the opposite outer wall of the bar.
We arranged music for the evening in harmony with the video-projections and with the kind of event.

Sven Bäucker „Mokik“, Berlin) developed the screens with us.
Video-Technique: AV Lang, Lindlar
Slide-Technique: AV Optics, Berlin

The 2 screens, 7m x 5,25m (4:3 Videoformat), can be rented for events. They consist of 6 aluminium tubes and shirting-fabric, which is pure cotton, hardly-inflammable, DIN 4102 B1. It gives a bright & sharp projection. They are easy to transport & easy to set up. mailto:

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