Superpositioners – Computational Art

We are a Collective of Experimenters, Artists, Designers & Techies and we are fascinated by moving images, sound, interactvity, math, physical abstractions translated into form. The digital is our realm. This manifests in videoclips, projections, installations, interactive environments, websites and everything.

Our goal is to create our own visual aesthetics in an experimental process independent of existing software. Therefore we design our own software tools. The first series was called super.mxmx.0.99 (2000 –2004). With the mxmx we are controlling, modulating and transforming on-the-fly layered videos and self-generating graphic structures in realtime.

2005 starts a new era. Our new software environment “irtT“ is extending the idea of realtime-transformation into the sphere of raw data in order to visualize it. That broadens the possibilities of application. Using f.i. global-weather-data or the stockmarket sucked out of the web or any other data-base to translate it into 3dimensional moving creatures. Like this we travel deeper into the essence & structure of things, exploring beauty and form of information.

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